Opportunities on The Farm

young children on field trip

School Field Trips

We would be happy to design an engaging, hands-on field trip experience tailored to your curriculum unit or standards and specific to your grade level. General topics could include:
  • CompostingHow to turn your food waste into new meals
  • Sweet as HoneyWhy are bees so busy?
  • Regenerative Farming: Turning dirt into productive soil
  • Which Came First? Learn about how chickens and other animals help the farm
  • MMM Good!Turning the plants you grow into the food you eat


Depending on the time of year, there may be opportunities to volunteer at the Happy Berry Farm. There are always projects, big and small, to do on the farm. Projects may include painting, pruning, repair work, building, planting, weeding, and harvesting. We welcome those with special skills and those who simply want to pitch in.

All are welcome: Individuals, youth groups, home school families, or others wishing to volunteer, please complete the volunteer application. 

volunteer picking berries
Jim and intern checking bee hive


We will evaluate internships based on the current needs on the farm. We will consider internships from high school or college students as well as adults wanting to get involved in what we’re doing on the farm. All internships are unpaid (unless you consider blackberries and gooseberries currency!)