Plan your Visit to the Farm

The farm is not always open for visitors.
If you would like to come out to The Happy Berry Farm, please schedule a visit!

What to Wear

Our terrain is not smooth, and depending on the weather, it can be dusty or muddy. We also have ants and snakes on the property. For these reasons, we highly suggest appropriate clothing and footwear, as outlined below:

  • Long Pants
  • Closed-Toe Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat or cap

What to Bring

  • A water bottle
  • A Notebook (depending on the purpose of your visit)
  • A sack lunch, if you’ll be visiting during lunchtime
  • Your curiosity and interest
  • Gloves for Gooseberry Picking
gooseberries growing on bush

Ready to pick some gooseberries?

Gooseberries are part of the currant family. Their branches have sharp spikes, so picking them can be a painful experience and not recommended for young children to pick. They turn from green to shades of pink and red. The pinker they become, the sweeter and more ripe they are. Some folks compare their taste to that of a sour grape. I find them to have more of a plum-like taste.

For gooseberry picking, we recommend you wear closed-toe shoes, long pants, sunscreen, a sun hat and gloves.